We connect ideas, people and companies!
We build unconventional strategies
with innovative ideas
for each unique client.

We focus on meeting needs of the business environment in a constant evolution. Thus, we have developed specific products with the goal of developing teams and organizations as a whole, supporting customers' business objectives in a cost-effective manner, and delivering clear and measurable results. Our products connect people with your business strategy, thus giving your company an important competitive advantage and a good story to tell.

Storycreators, Strategists and Creatives #marketing
"Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein

We believe marketing is about setting an expectation and delivering on your brand’s promise. We develop strategies and concepts and optimize communication channels for maximum performance.

External communication strategy

We look to all key elements of a communication strategy and select the most suitable communication channels (both online and offline) to fit with our clients’ overall strategy.

Event management

We can implement any event addressing customers, channel partners, large public or other targeted audiences, from small happenings (with 10-20 participants) to large scale events gathering thousands of attendees.

Sampling / selling campaigns

We can create & implement all types of field campaigns, using our in-house field marketing staff & logistical know-how.

Merchandising / display

We believe that merchandise display is a critical facet of selling and we involve our field marketing staff & logistical know-how in order to achieve the clients’ objectives: to inform shoppers and to lead them toward the purchase decision.

BTL Campaigns

We can implement a wide range of BTL activities: distribution of flyer, stickers etc. at the POS, product demos, direct marketing with end customers, direct mail promotional campaigns, sales incentives, roadshows etc.

POSM Production

We believe that a well done POSM can draw the shopper’s attention and influence the purchase decision. We can provide the design, production and installation for displays, floor displays, wobblers, POS, furniture or exhibition stands.

Space Design

We help our customers to wow the attendees at their events because the design of the space makes an impact from the moment they enter the door. We adapt our creations to our client’s budgets.

Media Relations

We can support our clients to create interesting stories and to disseminate them using the appropriate media channels: internet (online news sites, online niche sites, blogs, social websites), newspapers, radio and television.

Creative Services

We can support any marketing project by providing quality creative services such as copywriting, concept development, graphic design, layout development for marketing materials.

GoodStory tells the best team stories #team-buildings
"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." – Henry Ford

Our Team Development programs help teams establish the working pace, processes and relationships needed to enhance their full potential.

Team Building Programs

We are team building creators with more than 10 years experience. Our clients can choose the preferred program from our team building catalogue, or we can create specific themes on request.

Corporate Parties

We believe that corporate parties and happenings are highly motivational. Our clients can choose the preferred party theme from our catalogue, or we can create specific themes on request.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

We believe that employees satisfaction surveys are valuable tools to measure the pulse of the company and to understand the organizational culture. We can evaluate more than 50 aspects of job satisfaction and engagement, each of them providing specific information.

Employees Engagement Tools

The goal of each company is to work with happy and motivated employees. Besides monetary reward motivating tools, we can implement other specific tools to meet psychological and personality needs of employees (for example to implement internal events or CSR events).

CSR Events

A company with a strong corporate social responsibility program has more engaged and motivated employees. We can design and implement CSR events involving employees from the planning phase to the impact measurement phase.

Team Assessments

We believe that team performance is equally important as individual performance. We can run internal assessment sessions to collect feedback about specific processes (e.g. payroll, catering etc.), blockages in specific teams/ departments/business units, development opportunities of specific services, teams or departments etc.

Let us build the story of your company's success #development
“Collaboration is a key part of the success of any organization, executed through a clearly defined vision and mission and based on transparency and constant communication.” Dinesh Paliwal

We help align your business processes, resources and people to grow into organizational development and transformation. We understand the interdependencies of mission, culture, skill sets, attitudes, business processes, and technologies and the critical role each plays in organizational development.

Organisational Diagnosis

We apply effective methods to determine the gaps between current and desired organizational performance and propose action plans to achieve company’s business goals.

Consultancy In Process Optimisation

We support companies to optimize the performance of their HR processes on two levels: department (unit) level and individual level. We translate HR operations in policies, procedures, flows and guidelines from creation to action.

"In House" Training Programs

Our team of trainers works close with the client to understand the business and training goals and to develop customized topics, examples, exercises and activities.

Assessment and Development Centers

In implementing successful assessment projects, our consultants follow a 4 stages methodology: organizational and department analysis, development of tools and exercises, assessment and delivering results (including gap analysis).

Performance metrics and measurement

We believe that KPIs are the core element of a performance management system. We can support companies to set and measure individual, team/ department/ business unit and organizational KPIs.

Leadership Development Programs

We developed different instructional methods to suit learning style and schedule of future leaders in companies. Our methods include: classroom training, experiential learning tools, mentoring/ coaching, participation in special task forces.

Personal Development

We believe that career counseling and business coaching sessions are powerful tools in benefits of both employer and employees. Employees have the opportunity to grow professionally and the employer has a competitive advantage.

Outplacement Programs

Our team of consultants assists the employees during an outplacement program through career counseling sessions, assistance in designing CV and finding suitable jobs, acting as liaison between individual and employers

Employer Branding

We focus on developing employer branding campaigns that help companies attract best candidates, engage relevant communities in recruitment processes, retain performers and transform them in brand ambassadors.